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Modular Kitchens

Modular Kitchens

No other room in your house can probably be as busy as your kitchen. With all the cooking, baking, and washing going on here everyday, you'll definitely want this area to be organized and efficient. The best way to achieve this is with a modular kitchen design.

Simply put, a modular kitchen is one with various cabinets and fixtures built in place. A floor cabinet here, a built-in counter there – this type has the features you need to neatly hold all your kitchen items and allow you to do your tasks with no hassle. You can store all your materials where you can easily find them anytime, and you'll still have ample space to do the chopping, frying, and rinsing. There's a place for everything and everything is in its place. The best part is, you can have a kitchen like this already made for you without having to spend for add-ons. Explore and find the best modular kitchen designs in kerala. When it comes to getting the best modular kitchen, contact no other than Chaithanya Interior Designs.

Living Room Design

Your living room should be a central spot in your house where you can relax yet still be able to entertain guests. Comfort is key here, so it's a good idea to invest in good architecture, cozy furniture, and even ornaments that create a pleasant atmosphere.

But that doesn't mean you should hold back on style for the sake of being practical. Comfort and flair can blend well when you design your living room. Chaithanya Interioir Designs specializes in styling living rooms. Explore the many ways you can infuse your aesthetic preferences in this area, such as with a comfy sofa in a statement-making color or a classy piece of art that can spark conversations when visitors come over.You don't have to spend too much to strike that balance between comfort and style. You can have a great living room design that fits your budget right here. Because when it comes to living room design, Chaithanya Interior allows endless possibilities.

Living room designes
Study Room designes

Study Room Design

Whether it's for your child to do homework or for you to read a new book, the study room should be your refuge in the house. Ambiance is everything in this room – it should be quiet enough to be conducive for mental processes, yet stimulating enough not to lull anyone to sleep.

When selecting from study room designs, always consider the preferences and needs of the people who will be using it. If your child studies best with soft music in the background, you'll want the room to be acoustics-friendly. If you read best on a soft chair with nice window lighting, you'll love having a reading nook by a tall window in the room. Also consider the color scheme, the ergonomic quality of the furniture, and the lessening of factors that may cause distraction.

Don't undervalue your study room design. Find one that best suits you and your family. To give you the best design, choose Chaithanya Interior. Our years of experience guarantees the best designs in India.

Bedroom Interior Design

The most intimate, most relaxing, and most personal place in your house should be your bedroom. This room is not only for sleeping and dressing, but also for personal reflections and intimate moments with a loved one. So if you're looking for a personal refuge in your house, look for the best bedroom design has to offer. The best bedroom should have an interior design that puts you at ease, one that makes you think "This is my place." You can mix and match from a wide variety of choices, from the most general design scheme for your walls to the most detailed ornaments and accents for your dresser. The bottomline is that your bedroom should be all about you.

You don't have to break your budget to have your perfect bedroom. The design and affordability options are practically endless especially with Chaithanya Interioir. There's always a great bedroom interior design dwellers like you will love – and be able to achieve. Don't forget, Chaithanya Interioir is the best option for Interioir Designs in Kerala, India.

Bedroom Interiors
Bedroom Wardrobes

Bedroom cupboard

As bedroom is very expensive asset of your home because this is very much important for you. So you should make the look of your room super modern with the help of beautiful cupboards. Different kinds of cupboards make your bedroom attractive. Chaithanya Interiors professionals use different kinds of materials such as wooden materials, Marine Ply, HDF, MDF and imported materials. If you wish to see the latest variety in bedroom cupboard Kerala and bedroom wardrobes in Kerala then just come to us. We provide the flexibility for customers to choose designs from vast variety of available designs or our interior designers develop designs first and then implement on different products. If you wish best quality products for their home within your budget then don't worry about it.

We have a huge variety in cupboard which will fit into your budget also and give an attractive look to your bedroom. Once anyone visits your home, your beautiful cupboards will attract them definitely and you will feel proud on yourself because our cupboards are developed with luxurious finish. You will be satisfied after getting high quality wooden materials, imported fittings and components. Please get in touch with us and share your requirements, we will provide designs to suit with your tastes and preferences.

Crockery Shelf

Kitchen is considered most important area of the house because this is the place where women spent their most of the time. Kitchen should have all kinds of comforts so that no problem may occur while working there. If you are thinking about making your kitchen the best and most attractive place of your home then just visit Chaithnaya Interiors who provide you various designs in Kerala style crockery shelf because these are considered traditional and very first. If you wish to get any kind of kitchen design then our expert engineers, designers, architects and contractors are skilled in providing every kind of Crockery shelf designs Kerala. Some people are interested in installing traditional Kerala style kitchens then don't feel hesitate we also provide services for those kinds of kitchen designs.

If you hire our professionals then it is our guarantee that we provide best quality services and also save your pocket because we use the material which is more durable than wood. All of our products of Crockery shelf Kerala have hire resistant properties. We believe in providing best quality work which is pocket friendly also for our customers. We develop crockery shelf – suitable designs based on customer choice, we use different type of materials which are cost-effective also.

Crockery Shelf designes
False Ceiling

False ceiling designs

With the changing time, everyone wishes change everywhere. Most of the people are interested to add false ceiling because these are used in terms of good appealing to ceiling, for resisting hot coming from the roof etc. Everyone wishes to make his place best and attractive. Although various designs are available in false ceiling designs but you can get the best after visiting Chaithanya Interiors. We provide a wide range of false ceiling designs-Kerala. You can get various types of designs, color according to your taste and preferences which will give you satisfaction.

For enhancing the beauty of our products we use beautiful colors. These products are easy to install and maintain. Our range gives a touch of royalty and sophistication in the ambiance. Our clients come to us with various requirements and they get whatever they wish. Specialty of our products is, these are light weight, fire resistance, easy to install and damp proof. You will get a clean, subtle look of your ceiling which communicates a sense of permanence and durability.