Living Room Designers In Kochi, Kerala

Chaitanya Interiors is here to help you not only remodel your existing living room but also design a completely new living space for your new house. Living room designs are plenty to choose from but a few factors primarily determine the final design. The most important factor is the space available for designing. The second factor is the purpose of having the living room and the third factor is your budget, which will determine if the living room design would be elaborate, minimalistic or multifunctional. Our consultants and designers will use the space available in the best possible way and combine all three factors well in order to design a living room that is at the same time aesthetically appealing and cost-effective, simply. If the area available is small, then it can be easily converted into a multi-functional room, where you can entertain guests, play indoor games with your family or simply enjoy your time watching television. A good entertainment system can go a long way in ensuring fun time with guests as well as family.

The dining area can be separate from the drawing space with the help of a raised platform or beautifully carved wooded dividers or panels. Each of the furniture should have plenty of drawers to hold all the necessary items that serve different purposes. For smaller rooms, furniture should not be large and the colour schemes should be neutral to give the feel of a larger space. A bookcase in the corner adds a touch of sophistication, while a diwan or sofa-cum-bed placed near a window denotes a quieter space for your reading session or a little nap.

If you have a larger space to design or remodel, majestic looking furniture like large sofa sets, ottomans, armchairs and recliners in either neutral or darker shades will add to the glamour of the room. A bar or a moderate-sized library can be set up in a corner with a larger table for playing chess or other games. Accessories are equally important and here, you can add life to your living room by throwing in an array of colours through bright colours, paintings, lamps and modern as well as traditional artworks. To make living room designing easier in Kochi, kerala, contact us today and transform your home completely.