Bedroom Interiors In Cochin - Kerala

Years of experience have helped Chaitanya Interiors build an impressive portfolio of bedroom interior designs, which you can choose from while remodelling your bedroom or building your house. Bedrooms are of different sizes and shapes and our designs cater to every requirement. Bedroom is one space in the house that is truly private and a real peaceful sanctuary where you or your children relax at the end of a tiring day. This room, in a way, reflects the personality of those occupying it. A kid’s room will invariable have touch of bright colours and characters straight out of their dreams. An adult’s room, on the other hand, will be more sober with perhaps a reading area for the book lovers or a music corner for the beat lovers.While finalizing the design of a bedroom and its furniture, it is important to take into consideration, the size of the room. You can either choose from traditional or modern furniture.

Large number of furniture and decorative items should be avoided as they can be distracting. A smaller bedroom can have closets and cupboards with sliding doors or those built-into the walls in order to increase the walking space in the room. A single sofa or recliner in a corner with small cushions further adds to the comfort. A small work area can also be built in one of the corners with cabinets built on the wall above the desk. For rooms with space constraint, all-in-one or foldable furniture could be good option. Kid’s room can have bunker beds, which will not only add to the fun but will also save space. Music system and speakers can be placed on corner racks and a TV can be wall-mounted to avoid cluttering the room. Further, the room can be divided into separate sections with dividers and panels to give the look of a larger room.

Lights also play a very important role in bedroom interior design. Hanging lights coupled with concealed lighting and bedside lamps will add a new dimension to the entire décor. Neutral shades such as whites and browns should be used for painting the walls and accessorizing the room that will give the illusion of large space. All this and more will be explained in further details once you contact one of our experts for your bedroom design solutions in Kochi, Kerala.